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Wunderblau — the Future is Blue!

Wunderblau is the world‘s first toilet brush that is 99.99% germ- and bacteria-free by using UV-C radiation. The first toilet brush you will enjoy using because of its technology and design. And for the first time you will use it without fear of germs.

Wunderblau is the first toilet brush that perfectly combines function and ecology.

The functional principle is very simple. The user opens the container by pressing the pedal with one foot comparable to a trash can pedal. The user then takes the germ-free toilet brush from the container to clean the toilet.

After cleaning the toilet the brush is placed back and the container closes contactless. A sensor activates the UV-C radiation coming from built-in UV-C LEDs and
starts the cleaning process, which will only take a few minutes. The transparent ring lights up and communicates to the user: „cleaning in progress“. After this, the UV-C light turns off automatically, the brush is clean again and ready for use.

The brush head (scraper) is made of a soft silicone material. Perfect for a residue-free cleaning of the toilet. Thanks to a hydrophobic coating, adhesion of water, paper and other matter is almost impossible. With the permanent use of the clean toilet brush, water savings of several 10.000 liters are achieved for an average family, as now the repeated rinsing to clean the toilet and the brush is avoided.

Wunderblau, the first eco-friendly toilet brush that you enjoy touching and cleaning and thus saves you a lot of water.

For a clean future in the family. For schools, kindergarten, hotels, GPs and hospitals. A lasting impression of your brand in hotels, airport lounges, rest areas and public spaces.

Wunderblau — the Future is Blue!

Battery toilett brush UV-C Wunderblau
Function Battery toilett brush UV-C Wunderblau