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Toilet seat heating, hot air dryer, timer, hot water shower technology. These are only a few keywords from the repertoire of shower toilets and washlets. Cultivated in Asia and with up to 90% customer acceptance, this high end toilet variant is on the rise in Europe and the rest of the world. Once tried, already satisfied. Especially the „Best Agers“ are planning to buy this toilet in the future.

Over 4 million yearly sales speak for themselves. The comfort and hygiene are unmistakable. Of course, this has its price, which is between €1,500 and €10,000. We believe that a customer spending several thousand euros on a toilet also has a right to clean hands. For why should only the butt be hygienically fresh and clean, when as soon as the toilet brush is touched the hands are infested with germs and bacteria?

This is where the smart brush  Wunderblau FLAP comes in.

The Wunderblau FLAP is wall-powered and works with a contactless soft open and soft close mechanism thanks to the built-in proximity sensor. When opened, a 99.99% clean brush handle tends to the user. After using and placing back the toilet brush, the door closes automatically and UV-C light is emitted for cleaning. Within a few minutes even stubborn germs like rotaviruses are destroyed.

The brush is now hygienic and clean for the next use.

Wunderblau is the hygienic added value for the home, business, hotel, gastronomy and the public space. Even if all manufacturers advertise their products to be fully clean and promise that there are almost no residues, you will never be able to do without a toilet brush in the future.

Wunderblau — the Future is Blue!

Wall-powered toilett brush by using UV-C Wunderblau
Function- wall-powered toilett brush by using UV-C Wunderblau