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UV-C rays are part of natural sunlight. Exposing microorganisms to sunlight prevents UV-C from multiplying and „killing“.

There are no chemistry or no toxic compounds to UV-C technology. Undesirable microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi or rotaviruses become inactive within seconds, destroying cell structures and cleaning surfaces germ-free.

UV-C light is a very high-energy light, and intensive skin or eye contact is hazardous to health. For this reason, the cleaning radiation in the toilet brush is activated only when the container is closed.

There are other products on the market using so-called UV-C disinfection technology that is supposed to kill germs and bacteria. It is a fact, however, that nearly all products use lamps containing mercury that will soon be prohibited under European law. Apart from that, the level of cleanliness achieved by this often battery operated products is very low.

Our Wunderblau brushes however are equipped with highly efficient UV-C LEDs. A 99,9% cleaning effect is therefore confirmed as valid. UV-C LEDs don´t contain mercury and have an extremely long service life, which makes them very eco-friendly.

Our wall-powered Wunderblau is technically viable and could instantly go into production.

The battery-powered Wunderblau model, however, still needs a little more work and research. As UV-C LEDs are electricity consuming, our specialists are currently working on stronger batteries and rechargeable batteries that can run the UV-C LEDs long-term.

Wunderblau — the Future is Blue!